Shimoga cancer cure – Vaidya Narayana Murthy’s herbal cancer treatment

Narasipura Vaidya Narayana Murthy, Shimoga

Devastating it is to receive a cancer diagnosis. The feelings of shock, pain, confusion, hopelessness…cancer diagnosis rob life away from the patients and their loved ones.  It is usually horrible waiting for results of cancer related tests – biopsy, bone scan, PET scan, blood tests etc. After the initial shock, confusion and acceptance the patients and their loved ones are made aware of the available treatment options, side effects of treatments, survival rate and life expectancy after treatments. Treatment options depend on the type, staging, aggressiveness, location of the cancer and the age of the patient.  In general treatment would be a combination of available options:  Surgical removal of cancer, Chemotherapy, Radio Therapy, Hormonal Therapies etc. These are the treatment options that most people choose.  Lucky ones do get their cancers cured. But enduring the treatment (in the case of chemotherapy, radiotherapy) could be quite daunting and in many causes break the patient’s will to live. Not only that, Cancer treatments are usually expensive and can bring quite a financial strain on the family and loved ones.

But wait, Can cancer be treated with relatively lesser pain for the patient and with lesser financial resources? Are there any effective alternative medicines available that can improve the patient’s health substantially? The answer is “Yes” for both the questions. Vaidya Narayana Murthy is one such practitioner who seems to be dispensing effective ayurvedic medicine for treating cancer.

Vaidya Narayana Murthy

Mr. Narayana Murthy is an Ayurveda practitioner living in a village called Narasipura in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, India.  Vaidya Narayana Murthy and his family members have been treating for decades, with herbal medicines, the so called incurable medical conditions – cancers, diabetes, heart diseases, kidney diseases etc.  Vaidya Narayana Murthy is famous, particularly for his cancer treatments.  The doctor dispenses medicines on Thursdays and Sundays. People gather in queues to receive his cancer medicines, which he starts dispensing early in the morning around 7AM. Roughly about thousand people receive their medicine on every Thursday and Sunday. There are few NGOs that help Vaidya Narayana Murthy in his noble effort.

shimoga cancer cure

Mr.Narayana Murthy’s medicines are primarily from plant/herbal sources. His cancer medicine is prepared by powdering barks, stems and leaves from certain plants and trees. The patients need not come in person to receive the medicine. Friends and family members can bring the lab reports / information on the patient’s condition and collect the medicines. The doctor usually dispenses medicine sufficient enough for a month and asks the patients/representatives to visit again after a month’s time.  The doctor has been treating cancer for a few decades now and his treatments have helped a lot of cancer patients. In general, people are very positive about his treatments.  One can hear many stories of improved health and cancer cures from thousands of people who gather to receive medicine at his doorstep.

Village Narasipura is about an hour’s journey by road from Shimoga.  The nearest railway station is Anandapura (Station code – ANF). Shimoga can be reached by road as well as by train. Bangalore and Mysore are the nearest airports. The doctor doesn’t provide any appointments. And the patients are served in a first-come-first-served basis.

Here is an interview of Mr. Narayana Murthy :


FAQ on  Narayana Murthy’s Treatment

I have a question that is not answered here? What do I do?

Please write to   We will try to get your queries answered.

What is the exact address?

Shri. Vaidya Narayana Murthy,

Village Narasipura,

Anandapura, Sagar Taluk,

Shimoga District,

Karnataka, India

On what days of the week the medicines are dispensed?

Thursdays and Sundays only.

At what time should I reach village Narasipura to receive the medicines?

The medicines are dispensed starting early in the morning (like 7AM).  But sooner you reach the place the better it will be as there will be lesser number of people in front of you in the Queue. People come as early as 3AM in the morning and stand in the Queue. Few people arrive the previous day evening and wait until morning to receive the medicine. The queue usually gets around 200 to 300 people by 7AM.

How long is the Queue?

The queue usually gets longer around noon and in the evenings reaching around 500-600 people.

How far is Village Narasipura from Shimoga and Anandapura?

From Anandapura – 6 Kms

From Shimoga – 65 Kms

How to reach Narasipura by road from Shimoga?

Shimoga => Anandapura => Narasipura

How to reach Narsipura by train?

Take a train that goes to Anadapura (ANF). Alight at Anandapura and take private transport (Auto, Taxi) to Narasipura which is about 6 Kms from Anandapura.  There are share autos available at Anadapura railway station to reach Narasipura.

The Talagappa express trains  (from Bangalore, Mysore) pass thru Anandapura station. Check the Indian railways website for the trains available to reach Anandapura.

How far is Shimoga / Anandapura from Bangalore?

Shimoga – 280 Kms,    Anandapura – 340 Kms

Which are the nearest airports?

Bangalore International airport



Which is the nearest Petrol station?


Where are the nearest hotels / lodges and other accommodation?

Anandapura has couple of hotels / lodges.  But it usually gets crowded.  If you are planning to stay, better stay in Shimoga and travel by road to reach Narasipura.

Where are the nearest restaurants?


Are there any shops/hotels in Narasipura?

Yes. There are couple of small shops in Narasipura where you can get biscuits, snacks, breakfast and tea.  But if you really want to have a proper meal you better dine in the hotels in Anandapura.

Are there any places of stay in Narasipura village? 


How is the weather like in Shimoga / Anandapura / Narasipura?

It rains often. It gets really cold in the night.  Bring your sweaters, raincoat / umbrella.

Are there any public toilet/washroom facilities available in Narasipura for the patients who come to receive medicine?


At what time does the doctor stop dispensing medicines?

They dispense medicines as long as there is a last man in the Queue.

Is the same medicine available anywhere else?

No. Some people say few other doctors dispense similar medicine.  But it is better to get the medicine from somebody who has treated thousands of patients.  Mr. Narayana murthy’s treatment results are statistically significant as he has treated a large number of patients over a period of few decades.

How much do they charge for the medicine?

Few hundred rupees. Last time, when we checked it was 300 rupees.

Do the patients need to come in person to receive the treatment / medication?

No. It is sufficient if a family member or a friend visits the doctor with all the test results and reports.

Do they give any preferential queue for children / disabled / old age people?

Yes.  But they let in disabled/old age people on a case by case basis.

How long does one need to wait in the Queue to receive medication?

It depends. If you get there early in the morning you wait for relatively lesser time (like 3 hours).  But if you arrive late, your wait times could be anywhere between 3 hours and 6 hours.

Are there any token system for people waiting in the Queue?

No. Unfortunately 🙁

What exactly do the patients receive?

i) Medicines & ii) printed instructions on how to take the medication in your preferred language (English, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi etc)

I do not speak Kannada. Do I need to bring a translator?

The doctor speaks multiple languages. As long as you can converse in any of these languages you should be ok: Kannada, English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam

How long does one need to take the cancer medication?

It depends on the patient’s health condition. It could be anywhere from 6 months to few years.

How long does one need to take the medication before they see improvement in health condition?

Again it depends on the patient’s health condition. People usually notice improvements in few months time.

How often do I need to travel to Narasipura to receive medicine?

The doctor usually dispenses a month’s worth of medicine at a time. One would need to visit Narasipura every month to receive medicine

How much effective is the medicine? Did anybody get any cure?

Lot of people seem to have their health condition improved after taking Mr. Narayana Murthy’s medicine.  People who have taken the medicine earlier or taking it now are in general positive about the medicine and the treatment.  But there are no guarantees.

What are the diseases treated?

Cancer, Diabetes, Kidney related diseases etc

Can a patient undergoing Chemotherapy / Radiation Therapy take the herbal cancer medicine?

Please consult with the doctor.

What else could be done?

There are many alternative cancer treatments that could be used in tandem. We have information on few of these:

  1. Annona Murricata / Graviola
  2. Lakshmitaru (Simarouba Glauca) decoction
  3. Aloe + Honey mixture

Please consult a good siddha, Ayurveda practitioner before taking any alternative medicine.

How can I help?

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Note & Disclaimer: The author of this article received medicine from Mr. Narayana Murthy for a loved one who is suffering with cancer. This website / authors do not provide any medical advice. This website/article is for informational purpose only. The information provided here is collated from multiple sources. Some of the details given here might be out-dated / incorrect. does not accept any liability for the information provided. Please do your own research and use your discretion while availing treatments. 



475 thoughts to “Shimoga cancer cure – Vaidya Narayana Murthy’s herbal cancer treatment”

      1. Sir… My daughter is diagnosed with osteosarcoma .. She is 19 yrs. Is der any hope with the treatment

          1. my uncle is suffering from lungs cancer… treatment for lungs cancer is available at narayana murthy sir’s treatment care?????

          2. Sir my grand mom is suffering with 4th stage of breast cancer I there any cure .she took first cycle of chemotherapy and she is not able to bare side effects

        1. Hello sir/Mam, My mother is suffering from ovaries mass cancer. Doctors said that it was in advanced stage. Some other doctors said that it was either in 2nd or 3rd stage. But there are no symptoms of that disease. And,she was doing every work herself. Can you please help us? Can this be cured using this treatment or how many days does it take to cute?

        1. Good Homoeopathic medicines are available for Vericose Veins like Pulsatilla, Calc. Flourica, Arinica etc. Consult a Homoeopathic doctor for treatment.

      2. How can I contact Vaidyar ji? Is there a contact info. We are in a situation where we cannot leave our aunty, who is suffering from brain cancer, alone. Is there any way we can receive help?

    1. Hello Sir,

      I came across about this treatment through one of my friend. We have to travel around 700 Kms to Ananthapura, I would like to know about the working date on 13-Nov-2016. Could you please confirm – can we meet up the Dr. Narayanamoorthy Garu to get medicine on

    2. Hi…sir my sister is suffering form 4stage of colon cancer her age is 31year and it spreaded to other organs there is any hope or any medicine to get cure and please sir how can I contact you.

    3. I m at present in fourth stage of cancer that has spread to my liver n kidney I m feeling severe pain in my back n legs I m not hungry n feel like eating I get angry frequently n I have no strength to stand n walk I m now pale n think kindly suggest

  1. Are they giving treatment now? In one of the post I found they are planing to close the service due to scarcity of barks. I searched in various forums couldn’t get the answer. Please help.

    1. My son underwent surgery after chemotherapy for cancer in easaphagus one year back. The recent PET scan shows relapse ànd multiple mestàstis in vertebra ànd scalp. He is advised to undergo chemotherapy again and radiotherapy. Can his condition be improved ànd Cancer cured with Dr. Narayana Murthy’s herbal medicines. On hearing from you we shall come in person to receive the medicine. Thanks and regards.

      1. Hi Revalgo,
        We have taken the medicine in the beginning of this month (Jan-2017).

        There were no instructions explaining how to store it, so we prepared, and stored it in a glass bottle in room temperature.
        We have been taking the medicine since 4-5 days, and since yesterday, we are seeing a white froth or foam kind of substance forming on the medicine.

        It is floating on the top of the medicine.

        I just wanted to know if this is normal.
        If you have any information about this, could you let me know if this is normal?

        Also, in case you know, could you please let me know how to store the medicine? In room temperature or refrigerator?

        I would be grateful for any information.
        Thank you.

        1. To everyone : This blog is not run by the doctor. We just happen to have a article on Mr. Narayananurthy’s treatment. This is a blog run to organize only the publicly available information on treatments. We do this for the convenience of the public. We don’t provide any specific medical advice. We suggest you please contact the medical practitioners directly for any specific /relevant medical advice.

        2. ok, i got the answer from Dr.Narayana moorthy directly. Luckily he could spare a minute to answer me when i asked him about storing the medicine. He suggested to store the medicine in fridge. I have been keeping it open so far and noticed fungus problem. so his suggestion makes sense to keep the medicine in fridge. when i intake, I dont reheat it but keep the medicine outside few hours to bring it to room temperature.

  2. My father is detected with Renal Cell Carcinoma IV stage.Are they providing medicine for this type of cancer.Please let me know.

  3. Thank you so much for the information. I have heard about this before from my uncle in India but I didn’t know who was the doctor. Last Friday my mother got admitted for fluid in lungs due to kidney not functioning and was on death bed. Though she is much better now, we still have to wait for blood results to know the condition of her kidney as she did not have any kidney complications before. She is still in the hospital. This information really helped. Thanks a lot !

  4. My mother is suffering from pain in left leg joint. Doctors have advised total knee replacement. Will Dr. Narayan Murty treat this?

    1. Not sure. Please check with vaidya narayna murthy directly. As far as our understanding goes he is an expert in treating in cancer, diabetes and kidney related illness.

    2. My mother is suffering from breast cancer and she is in advanced stage. Doctor said that she is in last stage. Can we get treatment for this??

  5. Sir, I am suffering from KAMPAVAATHAM (SHIVERING) . is medicine available? . Please give your mobile No./e-mail id. The email given beginning by you is not correct. Please reply to my email.

  6. Hi
    I am getting my self treated for Breast Cancer
    I have got to understand the treatment done at Shimoga
    Kindly let me know how to get in touch with you

    1. hi Reena,
      can you let me know how you are trying to self heal, it would help me a lot in understanding what best diet
      for my dad who is getting treated for esophagus cancer(at shimoga).

      As far as I understand,Narayana murthy treatment works at cell level by creation of new cells that fight the cancer cells.

    2. Hello Reena Das,
      My mother has same problem, but in advanced stage, please share your experience with narayana murthys treatment for breast cancer.

  7. Could you please let me know whether still he is providing medicines? Because I booked tickets to Narsipur on apr 17th. Please help me so that I can go and get medicines for dad(who is having stomach cancer).

    1. Vaidya Narayana Murthy,
      Village Narasipura,
      Shimoga District

      Anandapura is on Shimoga-Sagar road. You need to take a diversion at Anandhapura and travel like 6 kms to reach the doctor’s place.

  8. Hi,
    My mother is been diagnosed 10 days back with breast cancer and its in Metastasis stage (4th stage), spreaded to bones and lungs as well, as per ER/PR positive doctor has started Hormonal Therapy as now for 3 months and after that PET scan needs to be done to see changes from that hormonal therapy,
    We are been hearing about Dr. Narayan Murthy for cancer cure, as my mother has not taken any Chemotherapy / Radiation Therapy yet will these ayurvedic medicins will work on my mother well?
    As its in 4th stage doctor has said we can only prolong her life as much as can as cancer cant be cured at 4th stage, so we want to do all best possible way for my mother to keep her live for long.

    1. Late stage cancers are usually tougher ones to treat, especially the bone metastases. Please consult with the doctor if he can treat your mother’s cancer.

    2. Did you meet him. My mom was also diagnosed with the same condition but spreaded to liver lung and bone. What did he tell you.

    3. Hi Madhura,

      Did you go to shimoga to get the medicine?
      My father is in need of the medicine.
      Can you give me some information, if you have any.

  9. good evening sir
    I am from Hyderabad state of telangana
    my aunty faced 4th stage of ovarian cancer
    she is not able to stand
    so patient come compulsory please give reply
    thank you sir

    1. I don’t think it is compulsory for patients to come along. Relatives or friends should be able to collect the medicine. Please check with the vaidyar.

    2. Hi Anand,

      Did you get a chance to visit the Vaidya? Hope was the experience.
      How is you Aunt doing now?

      My Mom has similar problem, her ovarian cancer relapsed after 3 years.

      Akash Jain

  10. Hi
    I want to know whether he is still giving the medicines.and how to reach narsipura shimoga from Hyderabad

  11. Hi I am m khadeer basha from Kurnool AP plz help me I need to come to collect medicens to one my relatives. Suffering From blood cancer acutemylieiod lukemia lady age 26yrs .can I get medicines to this patient.

    1. Hi Khadeer, the doctor does give medicine to blood cancer patients. Please consult the doctor with a copy of your relative’s medical records.

  12. Hi,

    My brother’s both kidneys damaged and he is on dialysis from last 18 months.
    is there any chance that he can be cured? with Murthy sir’s medicine
    please suggest.


    1. Hi Pradeep, we have heard patients getting cured of their kidney related illnesses using vaidya narayana murthy’s medicine. Please check with the doctor if your brother’s specific condition is curable.

    2. Hi Mr. Pradeep,

      Have you visited Murthy Sir for treatment, if Yes, what is the result after using the medicines. can anyone share the details of kidney failure person who is on Dialysis?

      Waiting for the reply.


  13. Need to whether he gives medicine for orthopaedic my aunt suffering from pain her left hand..unable to lift her hand

  14. Hi sir my mother is suffering from stomach cancer.she has taken radiation and chemo therapy treatment in 2nd stage.may i give ayurvedic medicine for my mom.

      1. Does our Doctor – narayanamuthy gives treatment and medicines for infertility for my husband’s sprem counting and motility problems and for me? as we are badly in need of good naati vaidya doctors to treat us nicely to get a good child.

        1. Hi Rakshitha, I do not know if the doctor is giving treatment for infertility issues. Kindly please check with him over phone or in person.

  15. Hello sir,

    I appreciate for website was very helpful for all of us, who is in need .
    My family member is in Stage 4 stomach cancer. I have planned to visit doctor for his medicine .
    what is the chance of cure for him with Doctor medicine ?

    1. Hi Aziz, the chances of cure depends on the type of the cancer, site of the cancer, age/general health of the patient. The Shimoga treatment is a kind of immunotheraphy which raises the natural immunity of the body without destroying good cells and prevailing good health of the patient. The raised immunity in turn takes on the cancer cells. I guess there will be improvements in the patient’s health condition. Whether the patient gets a cure or not depends on a number of factors which when properly controlled can speed up the healing.

    2. Hi Aziz,

      Did you go to shimoga to get the medicine?
      My father is in need of the medicine.
      Can you give me some information, if you have any.

  16. Hi,
    My dad is 61 years old. He was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma blood cancer 7 months back. He completed all the 6 chemotherapies. And few days after the 6th chemo he is diagnosed with brain metastasis (the cancer attacked the organ of brain). Our Doctor said there is no cure for this condition. But my dad is on radiation for controlling the brain metastasis from getting aggressive. My dad is in lot of pain currently. He is now in last few days as per Doctor. He is in hospital right now. I just came to know about Vaidya Narayana Murty from my friend. Thought God sent you to do miracle. Can you please let us know if we should see Vaidya Murty in this condition. We are planning to visit this Sunday to see Vaidya Murty. Will this be curable, should we try this hope. Please suggest us the soonest possible. We want our dad, he is great person.

    Thank you so much for your time.

    1. Hi, I have seen many patients with late stage cancers receiving treatment from vaidyar narayana murthy. I suggest you please check with vaidyar narayana murthy with a copy of relevant diagnostic/treatment reports

      1. HI, One of my sister is diagnosed for a malignant brain cancer in the very important part of the brain which is associated with the respiration system. The tumor is really big and cannot be removed, and chances that the medicines will work for a longer period are minimal. She is in Germany and undergoing Chemo regularly.

        Is the Vaidya Narayana Murthy’s herbal cancer treatment is suitable for malignant Brain tumor?

        1. Hi Vinod Kumar, It is usual for allopathic doctors to declare brain tumors are incurable. Alternative medicine can definitely help. But the recovery depends on the patient’s specific health condition, age etc. I am not sure if vaidya narayana murthy’s treatment can help your sister. I suggest you please check with vaidyar if he can help.

      2. My son is 4 & half yrs.. having muscular dystrophy.. i started this herbal of narayanamurthi ayya only from past one month.. is there possibility for my son to get cure.. When it will be possible sir.. please help us…

    2. Hello , how is your father. From lymphoma to brain, Have you taken the medicine from narayana murthy, many have regarded his medicine, really curious to know yours dads situation. Kind regards sir.

  17. Hi Sir,
    My mother is suffering from Joint pains (rheumatoid arthritis) and has problems especially in the Knee joints and the elbow joints. She is suffering from intense pains at times. I checked on internet and saw one of the video that Sri Narayana Murthy is giving a bark to a foreign lady who was making a documentary and gets a medicine for rheumatoid arthritis. So I would like to to know whether still my mother can get such a medicine as well for her cure. It will be great help to know whether she gets the medicine for rheumatoid arthritis, as we shall plan to visit Sri Narayana Murthy soon. And also my brother has a spondylosis issues and will be great to know if he can also get some cure. So please kindly reply to this.

    Thank You

    1. Hi Srinivas,
      I am not sure if Mr. Narayana Murthy is treating rheumatoid arthritis and spondylosis. Please keep in touch with the vaidyar directly.

    2. Hi Srinivas,

      Did you visit the doctor for Rhematoid Arthritis and Osteo arthritis.
      My wife has been suffering with them since long.
      I wish to consult Dr.Narayana Murthy soon.
      Kindly give your feedback

      1. Hi Kumarra Swamy,
        My brothers had visited Dr.Narayana Murthy and received Medicine for my mother’s Rhematoid Arthritis. She is yet start using the medicine. We hope our mother gets some improvement. I hope you will also get the medicine for your wife for Osteo arthritis, but you need to carry the recent reports and explain in brief little quick so as to get the medicine. Its only a hope and belief as of now, we need some time to see the results of the medicine.

        Thank You

        1. Hello Srinivas sir my brother is also suffering from rheumatoid arthritis please give me info about your mother results on using Narayana murthy’s medicine so that we could also meet him. Kindly help in this regard

    3. Hi,Srinivas garu kindly inform about the Rheumatoid arthrities results as your Mother is taking the medicine from the Dr.Narayana Murthy.My sister is suffering with the same for the last 15 yrs.After your advise I will visit the Doctor Murthy at Narsapur.thanks alot. kishorekumaar.

  18. Only vaidyar narayana murthy can tell you if your sister’s cancer is treatable using his medicines. I suggest you check with vaidya narayana murthy regarding your sister’s condition.

  19. one of family member having schizophrenia (psychological disorder) since 7 years.whether is he giving medicine for this disease also. pls tell me

  20. Hi Sir,

    My father is 67 years old has been diagnosed last month with AML in metastasis and the doctors have declared that Chemo is not suitable for his advanced age . With no other option in sight, we feel that Ayurvedic/Herbal treatment from Sri Narayana Murthy garu is the only way to go. My father is presently in Bangalore and wishes to go to Shimoga on Sunday and visit the doctor on 17-Apr. Can you please confirm if Sri Narayana Murthy sir is still seeing patients on Sunday and Thursday and dispensing ? Kindly confirm sir. I would be eternally thankful to you.


    1. Hi Sri,

      How is ur father.are u using Narayana murthy medicines?My Grandfather is also undergoing treatment for AML.But as his age is 67 doctor told he can’t tolerate chemotherapy.i came to know about Narayana murthy medicine.please let me know if his medicines are working.


  21. My father is HIV I postive for the last 1 year. Will Narayana Murthy Garu will gives a medicine for it. Please suggest me for which I would be greatful for you. pls help me

    1. Hi Sandhya, I’m sorry about your father’s health condition. I am not sure if vaidya narayana murthy gives treatment for HIV patients. The best way to find out is to meet with him in person and ask. I think he might give you some good pointers / information on further exploration of treatment options even if he himself doesn’t treat HIV patients.

  22. Hi, My mother is in 4th stage of Ca Cervix cancer. Her kidneys were also damaged due to heavy radiations given in hospital. Now bleeding problem also started. Did anyone come across this type of cancer and took treatment from Vaidya Narayana Murthy ? If yes, please let me know sothat we can immediately go there to take medicine.
    Thank you.
    Sai babu

    1. Hi Sai Babu,
      Mr. Narayana murthy’s treatment is useful in treating many types of cancers. I have heard from people that his treatment is very effective for cancers in soft tissues. Since because the treatment given raises body’s natural immunity, it may help control the cancer. I suggest you give his treatment a try or at least check with him with relevant reports of your mother.

      1. Sir does after starting the Shimoga medicine do patient have any bleeding
        My mom is cervical carcinomastage 4 patient so plz reply me

  23. hi
    Can i get medicine for Cohn’s Fistula (Stomach Inflammation) (IBS) and Ulcer from Vaidya Narayana Murthy

    1. Ashly,
      I know that vaidya narayana murthy treats Ulcer. I am not sure if he treats IBS. Please check with Vaidya Narayana Murthy if he can help your specific condition.

  24. Hello,

    Will the medicine help prevent the recurrence of breast cancer ? My mother has stage 2 cancer. she just went through 16 chemo cycles and Her Radiotherapy is starting next week and will go on for 6 weeks post which I’m hoping she will be out of danger. But I would like to if this Medicine will prevent another occurrence.

    Looking forward to your response,

    1. Reenu, I think the effectiveness of the medicine differs from case to case and is dependent on many factors. The medicine is said to improve the natural immunity of the body and hence take on the cancer cells indirectly. I guess it should help your mother’s condition. But please do check with the doctor.

  25. May I know the contact no of Doctor pls..caz I have tried with a number found from facebook but in vein… pls let me know whether I can contact through phone or in person I should meet the doctor..pls reply soon…

    1. Hi Jyothi, The doctor has a landline number which I believe you should be able to find if you search online. But I think vaidyar might be getting too many queries and in that case it will be difficult to get to him thru phone.

  26. Hi.. My Mother suffering from Lungs cancer and we have done PET SCAN which sows Metastases to cerebellum, left adrenal glan and mutliple bones. poorly differnetiated carcinoma. Will this ayurvedic treatment help in this advanced stage of cancer

    1. I guess so. Please consult the vaidyar regarding the chances of recovery which varies from patient to patient depending on a number of factors (like patients age, stage of the cancer, type of the cancer etc)

    2. Hi Sowjanya.. did you met the vaidyar ? how is your mom now.. my mom also affected same condition, im planning to meet the center.

  27. Hi,

    my father is undergoing treatment for cancer.planning to visit this place soon.can we trust the treatment.will there be any side effects.

  28. Sir,
    my wife is suffering with chronic kidney disease from 5 years. can i get medicine for this at Vaidya Narayana Murthy

  29. Hi Sir,
    Just today I heard about Dr. Narayana Murthy, Shimoga. I am suffering with Diabetes from the last 5 yrs. My age is 38 yrs now. Can I have come and connect personally to Dr. Narayana Murthy ? Also I heard that mostly he is famous for cancer treatment, But my issue is Diabetes. So Can you pls confirm this point.
    Also suggest when can I meet ?
    Iam waiting for your reply.

    1. Yes, you are right. Mr. Naryana murthy is famous for cancer treatment. He does dispense medication for diabetes. The doctor dispenses medication on Thursdays and Sundays only

  30. Good Aftn Sir..My mom was suffering Breast cancer 3rd Stage. We have removed the right side breast on few days ago. Now Doctor advised to go the further Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy treatments. Now my family relative suggest for Ayurveda treatment. Now Im decided to visit Mr.Narayana Moorthy Sir and take the medicines on coming sunday. Kindly advise the above issue is curable, Doctor has availability on these day & Suggest the exact route from Udumalpet to Narasipura by car via road.

    1. Hi Rajendran, vaidya narayana murthy’s treatment might help your mother’s condition. Only the doctor can tell you if your mother’s condition is curable. From udumalpet the route is Udumalpet => Sathyamangalam => Bannari => Nanjangodu => Mysore => Bhadravathi => Shimoga => Annandapura => Narasipura

  31. Hello
    My Mother is suffering from stage IV Mouth cancer…been diagnosed around 7-8 months & she is under Homeopathic medicine.
    she has been started to develop lumps & started pus release from chin.
    it is spreading towards tongue also.
    can you please suggest a opinion about what to do.
    Is there any chance to control its growth sir ?

    1. Hi Bhavani, I have heard for stories of mouth cancer getting cured using vaidyar narayana murthy’s treatment. But I think the extent of recovery differs from case to case. I suggest you check with vaidyar regarding your mom’s condition.

  32. Dear Sir
    Kindly confirm Doctor has avail on 24th Apr’16(Sunday). We have planned to visit on those day. And I can get any appointment or booking for collecting the medicine, which time of waiting in queue to allow in clinic for meet to Doctor.

  33. sir,
    Is there any treatment will be given fot liver disease? my in law was suffering for more than 2 years.
    Hi age was 66. Please reply.

    1. I have seen few people receiving medication for liver diseases. But the doctor is famous for cancer and diabetes treatments. Please check with the doctor if he gives medicine for your in-law’s specific condition.

  34. My dad has metastatis lever cancer and has just started to take Chemotherapy treatments(only two sittings done so far). Based on your experience, do you recommend taking both Ayurveda and Chemo treatments at the same time. Regards, Raj.

    1. Hi Raj, I am not sure if one can take both Ayurveda and chemo treatments at the same time. In my dad’s case, he was advised to continue with his allopathic treatment (but not chemotheraphy) while taking mr. narayana murthy’s medicine.

  35. I want to know whether there are many cancer healing centres in Shimoga.I got a contact no from a friend and he gave a different doctor’s name when contacted.Please let me know in detail and is there any restrictions in food habits while taking medicine

    1. There are many cancer healing centers in and around Shimoga. I have heard for one in Badharavathi. There are minor restrictions with food while taking the medicine. The doctor usually gives instructions on these restrictions in a printed pamphlet while receiving the medication.

    2. Hi Sir, My father is suffering with remotology Disease (this is one type of chicken gunia) since 3 years. Usually having joint pains. Would I get medicine for this in narsipura? Please let me know..

  36. Sir,

    My father is suffering from diabetes since last 20 years, 02 years back his right leg (below knee) was amputed {removed} since he was suffering from gangrene. Last month he had again suffering from wet gangrene and his left leg toe was removed and he is recovering. But, blood flow in the vein are not proper. he is also suffering from B.P. Is medicine available for this. Reply

    1. Hi,

      Even my dad is the same case like yours. His blood circulation is not good and doctors suggested amputation.

      Did you consult Dr. Narayana and any improvements.

      Please let me know as soon as possible

  37. Hi Sir,

    Please Let me know is he seeing patients this week (on 28th April and May 1st)?

    My friend’s wife has critical stage cancer problem .Will it be Ok if he comes alone and collect the medicines on behalf of her along with her all medical reports?

    Thank you

    1. Mr.Srinivasa, the vaidyar usually sees patients on Thursdays and Sundays. I have no info on whether he will dispense medicine this week. But the vaidyar is pretty consistent with his schedule and usually doesn’t disappoint the patients. I suggest your friend check with vaidyar in person with a copy of patient’s medical reports. Usually patients don’t have to come in person unless advised to do so by the vaidyar.

  38. Dear Revalgo,

    Thanks a lot for your article.

    Do you know any NGO / group which is coordinating between Dr. Narayana Murthy and those who are seeking treatment? I read somewhere some NGOs are doing this.

    I am suffering from fibromyalgia (auto immune disorder), for which I have no medical reports as no diagnosis exists.

    If you can give me some contact info who are acting a bridge or support team (NGO) I might able to get better advise from on what to consider and take while visiting Dr. Narayana Murthy.

    I appreciate your help.

    1. Hi Hari, I don’t have any info on the NGOs working with Mr. Narayana Murthy. I am sorry about your health condition. Fibromyalgia is indeed tough to get thru. I myself suffered from Fibromyalgia but have managed to get out of it. Where are you from? What kinda treatment are you taking now for your condition? Let me know your contact details. I can tell you how I got out of fibromyalgia and may be it can help you.

  39. Dear Sir

    Last week i have visited and collected the medicine from Narayanamoorthy Sir for My mom’s breast cancer. I hearty trust these treatment. But unfortunately i didn’t get complete details of my trouble due to huge number of peoples awaiting the queue. Kindly suggest to going allopathic treatments (Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy) while taking the vaidhyar medicine or give any contact person number for clarify the above. And also suggest to how many days to take the Vaidhyar medicine for the above issue.

    1. Dear sir,

      Even i visited dr. Narayana murty last week for my wife and collected proper medicine. But due to huge line and lack of time i couldnt get exact procedure of how to intake those powders in diet. If you know those details please do enlighten us and share with us, we dont want to take any risk and start treatment soon to my wife, who is sufferjng from breast tumor.

      1. Doctor’s advice / instructions might be specific to your wife’s condition. So, please check with the doctor if you have missed treatment instructions

    2. Hi sir my mother in hospital suffering with breast cancer final stage now cancer spread to liver and kidney nearly 50/parts damaged is it possible to cure from this stage by your medicine please send reply

      1. Only the vaidyar can give you clear advice on your mother’s recovery chances. Please consult vaidyar with a copy of your mother’s medical reports

  40. Sir
    My sister is suffering from Blood cancer – ETP ALL and is in advance stage. Undergoing Chemotherapy . Kindly suggest suitable treatment/medicine. Please send Doctors contact no and e mail ID so that I can send the medical reports to Doctor and get his advise and treatment. I am prepared to meet Sri Vaidya Narayana Murthy and before that I would like to send the medical reports of my sister

    1. As far as I know, the doctor doesn’t seem to offer phone consultations. I think it is better to meet him in person with a copy of the reports

    1. Hi Lavanya, cancers can be dealt with effectively using immunotheraphy and natural healing methods. You might want to google for Max-Gerson theraphy which leads to gradual detox and healing. The idea is to get toxins out of the body quickly, ensure highly bio-available natural nutrition and preserve/boost natural immunity of the body to fight disease. I have heard of stories of colon cancers disappearing with Mr. Narayana murthy’s treatment.

  41. Sir/madam,
      My mom having esophagus cancer(squamous),she had 3 cycle cemo along with radiotherapy she recovered well but doctor are telling she need to take surgery named ESOPHAGECTOMY but that surgery survived rates are very low I don’t want to take chances.can I try ayurvedic treatment for her..please help me sir/madam.

  42. My mother is 65. Was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2014..Undergone chemotherapy, conservative surgery and radiotherapy. Treatment got over in March 2015.. She was on hormones till now.. She is now diagnosed with multiple brain and lung metastatic lesions.. And doctors are saying brain cancer is AAA it’s spreading rapidly, and even a single days delays could be fatal. And recommending radiation asap. Please guide me through

    1. Nishit, I am not medically trained to advise you on taking radiotherapy for your mom’s condition. All I can tell you that certain conditions that don’t have effective treatments in one system of medicine sometimes have effective treatments / cures in other systems of medicine. I would say you please check with vaidyar regarding your mom’s condition. Only vaidyar can tell you if your mom’s condition is treatable using alternative medicine

    1. The doctor gives medicine on Thursdays and Sundays. Only the doctor can advise you about the recovery chances in your mother’s condition

      1. Nd is these medicine really do work in cAncer??? As I didn’t show any comments regarding medicine nd cure story

      2. is these medicine really do work in cAncer??? As I didn’t show any comments regarding medicine nd cure story

      1. Sir my mom has stomach cancer advanced stage…her lings have filled with water and now it’s flushing out…doctor s have told us not to keep hopes..maximum two months..Is der any use if we visit this person….plz do rply….

  43. My grand mother in very advanced stafge.. Age is 70 more.. Is there any useful to visit here. Please let me know.

    1. As far as I know, the vaidyar sees patients on Thursdays and Sundays. I do not know if he sees patients on other days

  44. Hello,
    Can you please tell if Sri Nayarana Murthy treat for Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis and HypoThyroidsm. Also please let me know if there is any email ID so that we can communicate and get information on this.

    Best Regards

    1. I have no idea on this. If you happen to meet him and get to know if he is treating these ailments, let us know and we will post the info here

  45. HI Sir
    I am coming from thanjavur, tamilnadu.
    could you please advice the route
    Thanjavur—>Bangalore –> Shimoga town –>Anadhapuram –> Narasipuram ….. is it correct..?
    If i come this week Saturday night itself, will they allow me stand on the Queue..?
    Will doctor give two months medicine is one shot..? because I use to spend 2 days to reach there.
    Thanks Sir

    1. If you’re going by train that will be the route. I have seen people queuing late on Saturday nights. I am not sure if the doctor will give you two months worth of Medicine

  46. Hi All,

    Please avoid Narayana Murthy, I have been there 2 months back, waited overnight in the queue to see Narayana Murthy next morning, when my turn came, Narayana Murthy went out to spit the tobacco and “Paan” he was chewing, and his “assistant” asked the disease and gave the medicine which was similar for everyone else, no one has taken efforts to go through the reports and accordingly to suggest the medicine. Later still I tried to see Narayana Murthy and tried to show him the reports however he was not even bothered to have a look at the papers and continue talking in Kannada which I am not aware of, someone from around told that he is asking to come after 27 days when you use the medicine. We used medicine for 27 days but no improvement in the disease.

    I don’t understand when its specific disease how one can give general medicine that too without looking at the reports and understanding the exact situation.

    Also its not true that he is doing it for Charity, he charges Rs 300 for everyone which shall be sufficient when people coming to see you in thousands every week.

    Please plan for proper authentic Ayurvedic treatment when someone near and dear to you is facing this disease.
    I suggest along with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy please consider Ayurvedic and Homeopathy treatment as it will help to rejuvenate the body which has collapsed due to Chemo.

    Try to avoid your efforts with Narayana Murthy and try some authentic and certified treatments.

    1. Sorry about the experience you had with the vaidyar / medicine. I understand it is frustrating when people in medical profession don’t treat patients/caregivers right. To answer couple of questions – 1) vaidyar narayana murthy ‘s medicine seems to have helped many but not all. In my personal experience, I went there to receive medicine for my dad’s stage IV prostate cancer. My dad’s condition improved considerably after taking Mr. Narayana murthy’ s medicine. I even met few people there who claimed that couple of their relatives /friends got their cancers cured. Some said they have realized good improvements but not a cure. Again it seems that the improvements patients realize differs from case to case. Unfortunately the success rate of the medicine doesn’t look like perfect 100 %. There may be cancers / patients that may not respond to Mr. Murthy ‘s medicine. And it is unfortunate. 2) I had exact questions of yours – how could one give the same medicine for variety of ailments? I was told that the medicine is a kinda immunotherapy that raises the natural immunity of the body which in turn takes on the cancer in a indirect way. I had concerns when my dad started taking this “one size fits all” medicine. But somehow it seems to have worked for him. To sum up, any medicine may work for some people. For some it may not work. In such cases one needs to look further for other alternative medicine / mainstream medicine.

  47. Hi Sir,
    My relative is suffering from stomach cancer..and she is in final stage now..can I approach the doctor this week for medicines..can it be cured??

  48. hi this is rajesh
    my father suffering from lung cancer advance stag .is the patient necessary to meet Narayana murthy .

    1. It depends. Please check with the doctor with a copy of the reports. He should able to tell you if he needs to see the patient in person

  49. Hi, My Dad is 49 years old. He had been treated with Chemotherapy for Oesophagus Cancer last year, and he got cured and took up his usual work. But now, after taking CT Scan we came to know that again he is affected by cancer in the same organ. We are planning to meet the doctor as earlier as possible.Kindly let me know that whether the medicines given by the doctor cures cancer permanently?

    1. Hi Nandini, the medicine given by vaidya narayana murthy has improved the condition of many patients. Whether a patient will get a cure or not depends on how the cancer responds to the given medication which again will depend on many factors. One can expect good improvement and probably will get a cure if all things fall in place.

  50. Sir,
    Can you tell me whether the doctor still gives medicines for cancer cure. My mother has been diagnosed with cancer stage III. She started chemotherapy and doctors plan for surgery after chemo. Can she take the Vaidya’s medicine besides chemotherapy?

    1. Yes. The doctor still gives medicine. Please consult the doctor to know if ayurveda medicine can be taken while undergoing chemo

  51. My dad is suffering from liver cirosis in the beginning ,later it changed to the tumors on the intestines ,which was spreaded all over the stomach outer part.He took the chemo treatments sessions for an year for that tumours(cancer tumours) But later on the liver which was damaged that producing lot of fluid ,like 4-6 liters for every 10-15 days and he can’t able to resolve that condition . Only thing he is doing that admitting in the hospital to get rid of that water from the stomach , otherwise he can’t eat r drink anything else. Can u please let me know if their is any chance of getting rid of this fluids please. If so , I will definitely come and meet the doctor .please advise me

    1. Unfortunate to hear about you father’s ill health.
      How’s his ascites (fluid in abdomen) now? is it cured already,

  52. Does narayana murthy provide treatment for hair growth.Iam 27 yr old woman who is suffering from PCOD and my hair has become very thin and scalp is seen

    1. I have not heard of him giving treatment for hair growth. But he may. You might want to check with vaidyar in person

  53. Hi what’s your reply for Mr.Pramod salunkhe’s post on 6th may 2016. It’s true need your answer please.

    1. I heard of one case of liver cancer and two cases of colon cancer whose condition got cured. Again the improvements differ from case to case.

  54. Hello Sir,
    Am suffering with psoriasis from past 6 years unable to find the doctor who will cure my psoriasis and provide good medicines 🙁 :(. Could you please let me know is Narayana Murthy sir will treat psoriasis also ??

    1. Not sure. Please check with the doctor directly. As far as my knowledge goes he treats cancer, diabetes and kidney ailments

  55. Thank you for your kind efforts in writing this post. Im looking forward to meeting the doctor.
    My sister , 19years old is diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Lukemail, a blood cancer and has been undergoing chemo in the form of drugs. Lately, she has suffered the side effects of it, with a drop in platets and WBC count. Her doctor has advised to undergo stem cell transplant but with a warning of a rather mild to severe side effects. At this point, I have no hope but to go ayurvedhic. My sister, has faced no complications and she is mentally down at this stage. Kindly show some light if we can consult him for a possible medication that can stable her condition. Much Thanks and Love.

    1. It might be a good idea to consult with vaidya narayanamurthy. I know a 73 years old blood cancer patient whose condition improved to a very good extent after taking Mr murthy’s medicine. I think his cancer was of the AML kind.

  56. Dear Sir

    My mom diagnosed on breast cancer. Last 1 month she have taking the Narayana Moorthy herbal medicine. Now i think she is active & normal. Now my question is how to confirm she is improved & if any test to be take for anaysis like such as blood test or any alopathic test. If any test to be take, when i go to treat & any periodical test to be taken? Another one is last week i have collect the pain remove oilment with medicines. How to use the oilment?

  57. my father is having 4th stage prostate cancer. after the analysis it is found that has spread into his bones(spine and leg), is the medicine given by the doctor effective of curing such stage of cancer??

      1. I am planning to visit the doctor for medicine. Is it necessary that I have to take the patient with me??? is there any person I can contact with before I reach the place?? or is there any contact details of the doctor or any administrative people whom I can contact and clarify my doubts??

        1. as you mentioned that yours dad has the similar condition, so would like to know that if he has underwent chemotherapy along with side of the herbal medicine, or is it just the herbal medicine that he has continued.

  58. HI, Sir My Dad is taking Narayana Murthy Sir’s medicines past from 2 days. He often feels hungry after taking the medicines. and He is a Chef , can he go to his work while taking the medicines.

    1. There are couple of them in Anandapuram. But I don’t have the exact details. Please search in Google and I believe there could be some good information

  59. Hello Revalgo ..
    My father had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer spread in liver …wanted to check if there is a separate queue for consultation and then medicine dispensation.?

    1. Hi Nehra,
      Hope your father is doing good. My father got effected with pancreatic cancer as well and it’s stage iv.

      can I know did you started using narayana murthy sir provided medication ?

      If yes can I know did you saw the progress on your father health condition before vs after using this medication. Can I even know your father age ?

      Thanks in advance

  60. Hi!
    We are planning to come there sometime next week. We would like to know weather this treatment is still going as we heard something that there was some issue happened. Could you please let us know if there is any issue or else any contact person who can help us with he right information. Thanks i advance.


      1. Thanks for confirming..can I come this Thursday to take medicines…how early do I need to reach there…??

  61. Hello sir I want to understand if still he is giving medicines …I heard from someone that he stopped giving medicines..can u pls confirm

    1. Nethra… As of 20.06.16 Narayanamurthy is giving medicines. So you can certainly go ahead as soon as possible. He is giving on Thursdays and Sundays.

    2. Hi Nethra,

      I am from Hyd and would like to know the status of the medicines if used as on date, my mother who is 73 yrs has Pancreatic cancer with also liver which is now effected, she is diagnosed as 4th stage and has other problems like high sugars and Cardiac problem, do you see real difference in his regard for me to try now,
      pls advice.
      Wishing your father speedy Recovery.

  62. Hello sir,
    i have esophageal cancer. i recived three chemos
    for sugery, but surgey is not done becuase it ( cancer ) spreds total body, like stomach, colon, subcolon, rectum, total body, (not parts).
    they said try another hospital.
    is there cure for this…? i have just 23.

  63. Sir my own brother son.(6months baby) still He is a only 6 months baby.he Got Retino blastmo(eye cancer).our family getting afraid of this subject. Now Already we careers giving chimeotherphy.Narayana murthy sir giving medicine to this disease. Place help to us.
    Rajesh : 9880813566

  64. Dear sir,
    my wife was diagnosed, during her 5 months pregnancy, with signet ring cell carcinoma (stomach cancer)with 4th stage with a tumor which is much larger in size than the fetus. The tumor was removed following abortion in January 2016. She has undergone chemotherapy with TPF regimen for 6 cycles . The PET CT scan taken on 02.06.2016 shows the tumor shriinking from 5 cm to 4 cm in comparison to PET CT scan taken on 15.02.2016. The doctor at says that it is not completely curable but suggest 6 more chemos with another regimen for betterment.
    now we r planning to take medicine from sri Narayanamurthy@ narsipura, Shimoga.
    Pl. Suggest can this cancer be cured? can u suggest any other medicine pl.


    1. Sir, please check with vaidyar narayana murthy. He might be able to help you with your Mrs health condition.

  65. Hello sir
    My father has blood cancer m4 (acute mylyoid leukemia) .2 cycles chemotherapy over but doctor suggested go for bone marrow transplant.but we don’t have that much of amount please tell me Narayana Murthy Sir give medicine for this it cure or not Sir please tell me

  66. Hi thank you so much for your efforts which in turn helping lot of people. I am suffering from synovial sarcoma of Parotid gland I think its stage1 cancer at this moment.Does Narayana Murthy sir give medicine for this cancer and still he is providing medicine. Please confirm.Thanks

    1. He is still providing medicines. I am not sure if he treats specific cancer of the type you have mentioned.

  67. Hello sir

    My dad is suffering from liver cirosis , later and the liver which was damaged is releasing lot of fluids so he started taking treatment to get rid of that liquid by going to hospital.but later few days back the fluid is forming in lungs.and now he is in unknown situation .so please advice me whether he can get a medicine for that fluids.

  68. Hello sir
    here is the description: it is metastatic lung cancer. I have tumors in right hip, right knee, left forearm, left armpit. I have some spread to brain. Let us know how we can get the medicine. Please let me know that is this cancer curable is there

  69. My mother with breast cancer metastatic stage has started taking vaidyar’s long it should be taken and please let me know dietary restrictions. Red and green chillies have to be avoided? Please let me know. Thank you

    1. This blog post is just an organized collection of publicly available information on vaidyar’s treatment. Guess you need check with the doctor for any specific advice /information you are seeking. Thanks

  70. Hello Sir,
    My mother is suffering from Breast Cancer, I had some how managed to take medicine from Narayan Murthy for 3 times as I am carrying 9 months pregnant now I am not able to visit till Shivmoga and take medicins for couple of months,
    Do they courier the medicine to my home address and i can transfer the money to respective account if they share it to me. Please let me know as i dont want to discontinue my mother treatment.
    this will be a great help.

    1. Hi Madhura,
      Kindly let’s know is Murthy sir treatment to your mother giving positive results? .. we need suggestions as my mother is diagnosed, found that liver cirrhosis..
      Thanks in advance

  71. The medicine we prepared has spoiled with fungus formation. Is there any special instructions for preserving the medicine. Please let me know. Thank you

  72. Hello, thank you so much for your efforts for starting this site.
    My wife is detected low grade endometrial stromal sarcoma. The hysterectomy was performed on 12th May in which her uterus was removed. That time the biospy report showed IB stage. Later on 16th June Salphingo-oophorectomy was performed in which her ovaries & lymph nodes were removed and sent for biospy.
    Does Narayana Murthy Sir give medicine for this cancer. Please confirm.Thanks so much.

    1. Sir, I just collected whatever publicly available information on Mr. Narayana Murthy ‘s cancer treatment in this blog post. The information here is educational and I don’t provide any specific health care advice. Please check with the doctor directly regarding your wife’ s condition. May God bless you.

    1. I am not sure if the doctor treats multiple sclerosis. You might want to check with Iyengar yoga Institute, Pune. I heard they have some custom yoga therapy for MS.

  73. Dear Sir

    My mom diagnosed on breast cancer. Last 2 months she have taking the Narayana Moorthy herbal medicine. Now i think she is active & normal. Now my question is how to confirm she is improved & if any test to be take for anaysis like such as blood test or any alopathic test. If any test to be take, when i go to treat & any periodical test to be taken? Another one is last week i have collect the pain remove oilment with medicines. How to use the oilment?

    1. HI Rajendran, How is your mother now? Hope she would have recovered by now. Can you please share your feedback on this Ayurvedic treatment? My relative is suffering from triple negative stage 4 breat cancer and its spreading to other parts. So your feedback is very important. Thanks

  74. Dear sir,
    My mom has liver cancer final stage , she could not walk , without present (my mother) there can i take medicine from there to mother .

    JOHN J

  75. My mother in law is having brain cancer (state 4), we would like to know whether we get bark medicine for Brain cancer here.

  76. 2 years back my mum (current age 68yrs) was cured from stage 3 left lung cancer. She was given 4 chemos, 1 surgery and 2 adjuvent chemos.
    Now, again cancer has recurred in left main brochus. She is prescribed chemos followed by radiotherapy… chemos already started. Need contact no of vaidya Narayan Murthy to enquire if she can take the ayurvedic medicines parallel to the chemos & radiotherapy.
    Also on which days does he give medicines now.

  77. My dad is suffering from Acume myloid Lukhemia (AML) a blood cancer, can we come there with the treatment , and if come to whom we have to meet there please suggest thank you

    1. i am 30 year old and suffering with stage 4 nasrophryngeal carcinoma and spread to bones, presently undergoing chemo (4 cycles completed) and now suffering with severe side effects. Is Mr Murthy give medicines for this type of cancer and is it curable at this stage? pls reply

  78. Hi,
    my dad is 62 yrs old, is recently diagnosed lower ureter calculate measuresing 7mm stone which is leading to hydroureter nephrosis. Since I week he is suffering from pain a lot, dr suggests surgery to remove stone. Is there a medicine to cure or to reduce pain. Pls let me know.

    1. Hi is there any cure for stone?

      My dad is having kidney stone and gallbladder stone..

      Plz reply ASAP, we are planning to go there tomorrow….

  79. We are really so happy that my dad got relif from the fluids that was forming in stomach and lungs bcuz of liver cancer within one dosage of vidhayar treatment.
    But again we have a small question as we have used only one dosage ( 10 days) , and we stopped bcuz the fluids have stopped . Our question is, do we need to complete whole medicine which is taken for a month , or is it ok if we stopped in middle and break the diet. And we are almost close to the second medicine also. But just want to know the information bcuz the patient became so lean and want to break the vidhyar diet and wants to get in to other diet to get improve.plz help us for this situation .???

  80. Hello,

    My father is diagnosed with Secondary lung cancer(4th stage) and it has also spread to bone.
    As of now, he is taking chemotherapy for that.
    Kindly, let me know whether vaidyar narayana murthy still providing medicine for cancer.
    Because, i heard that it is stopped. We don’t want to loose even a single hope, Kindly reply as soon as possible.

  81. Hi Sathish from chennai
    My mom is 58 years old she is having breast cancer second stage , we just found out week before , doctor told to go through an operation coming Saturday 30 July 2016, I don’t know what should I do pls any advise

  82. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for great info, really helpful.
    My Mother has suffering with stomach Cancer, We are planning to visit for treatment on Aug 4th 2016(Thursday), could you please confirm, the medicines will be provided on that day or not?

    Really appreciate you reply.

    Thanks & Regards,

  83. Has any one took treatment for Stage 4 Breat cancer at Narayana Murthy sir? In all the blogs i see people enquiring about his treatment but no one has shared their experience after treatment. Please let us all know your feedback. Thanks.

  84. Hi sir
    My mom was diagnosed with final stage lung cancer last October …now she s under medication nd she s also taking herbal medicines from Kerala ..I wanted to know whether it will cured if incase we take both the medicines …and can we meet the doctor personally and tell aboutthe patients ssituation ..

  85. Hi ,
    My mother is being diagnosed with right breast cancer from past 2 years , never any chemo therapy brought her cysts to complete null point . Now we are Thinking of taking Narayana Murthy Sir’s medicine and chemo together , is this fine ?
    We even heard of Dandelion root tea , can she take even that along with chemo and Narayan Murthy Sir’s Medicine ?

  86. Hi
    my father both kidneys working problem and he is on dialysis from last 5 months is there any chance that he can cured? with murthy sir medicine please suggest.


  87. Hello,
    My name is Umesh, my mother is suffering from Psoriasis since 3-4 years and so far we tried several treatments, but none of them seems to be fruitful. I have seen that few people asked whether this doctor can treat Psoriasis or not, but there are no answers on this. I too have the same question. Please update if you have more information.

  88. Hi,

    My mother, aged 70, has been diagnosed with AML, (bone marrow cancer) and is being treated in Bangalore with a medicine Decitabine as the doctors have said that she would not be able to sustain even a low dose Chemo due to her age.

    I will be visiting Shri Narayana Murthy sir next week on Thursday, I hope he will be dispensing medicines on that day.


    1. Hi Lok

      My father also diagnosed AML and he is not fit for any kind of chemo. Then, i got the medicine from Narayanamurthy for past 4 months and got lot of improvement. Don’t goto allopathy and they are only money minded treatment for AML. I went Adayar cancer institute in chennai and they told it is not curable and they gave only 10 to 13% of hope for AML treatment.

      I am suggesting you, please show the reports to Narayanamurthy and get the medicine and you will see the improvement within 10 days.

    2. Lok, you thought of visiting that place in August. can you please give me the information whether Dr.Narayana Murthy Sir giving the Medicine or not. because, i heard in August month he stopped giving the medicine.
      please help me providing the information sir.

  89. Hi ,

    My mother has genetic decease called Polycyclic kidneys(PKD) did Narayana Murthy Doctor will give medicine for this treatment? and now her status is both kidneys are enlarged creatine status is 4.

  90. Hi Sir,

    My brother in law is suffering from Lung cancer which is mid stage, can u please confirm if it is curable after visting the place.

    please confirm so that i can send reports.


  91. Hi, my mother has been detected with metastases in liver, lungs and lymph nodes. She was a triple negative breast cancer patient. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Wanted to know if she could take this medication along with her chemo. Also, can we visit Dr Narayana Murthy this Thurs (11 August).

  92. I am from Gujarat. My sister in law has intestine cancer. He will do that treatment for her. Patient must have to present for medicine or any family member stop and get the medicine for her. Please give me reply.

  93. Dear staff,

    My name is Akash Jain, a resident of Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh). My mother, Sandhya Jain, aged about 54 years had Ovarian cancer – beginning of 3rd stage in 2012. She went through Chemo in early 2013 after surgical removal of all the impacted organs. After about 3 years, the cancer has recurred.

    I would like to know if Vaidya has treatment for Ovarian Cancer that has recurred and what is the success rate?

    Thanks and regards
    Akash Jain

  94. Hello
    This is Aparna, from Hyderabad

    would like to know whether he is giving medicines in these days or not… planning to go on this sunday
    Please revert on this

  95. sir.
    I’m suffering from kidney disease Nephrotic syndrome since 8 years. my creatinine is 2.7 now. My kidneys are not supplying protein to my body instead of that it is sending in urine.
    I want to know does doctor treat this disease. plz reply sir.

  96. Good evening all,
    My Mother is a Lung Cancer patient. She has been taking Dr. Narayana Murthy Sir’s Medicines since April regularly. Doctors said, she can survive only 4-5 months. But, Alhamdulillah day by day she is doing good and health is improving.
    But, i heard, in August month Dr Narayana Murthy sir not giving the Medicines. I dont have any contacts to get the information. Can anybody recently visited guys give me the information that mediciens are giving or not will be great help.
    Please.. Please.. pass on the information.

  97. Hi sir ,

    We are leaving so far from the Narasipura and needto take madicine for atleast 6 months for cancer for my brother , Is there any parcel service providing for medicines …

    Could you pls give on this …

  98. My father right leg great finger was removed because of some infection. Now it is not healing because he is a diabetic. Doctors said no medicines and antibiotics will work out and suggested leg amputation. Day by day infection is increasing. Can please help us and suggest as soon as possiple.

  99. My sister is a psychiatric patient, she got this problem by heredity. Her first marriage was cancelled in 2007 after she got engaged and she started experiencing with psychiatric symptoms. Another marriage was planned but she started complaining that bride is torturing her after the engagement. As we don’t have choice, she got married but never started separate family. She has committed suicide around 2008-2009 by taking sleeping pills. She got luckily survived after battling for 15 days. We have taken her to the psychiatric hospitals but no luck. Finally she got divorced in 2012-2013 but she attempted for suicide again around 2014. English medicine is not helping her and her health deteriated with joint aches, back aches, piles and sleeping issues. She has again attempted for suicide in JUN’16. I like to get her to the herbal treatment, want to know whether this will be treated there so that I can plan to bring her.

    My family is in lot of troubles and want to get her cured. Please help. Thanks in advance. Looking forward for the reply.

  100. Hi All,

    I’ve went to this place ( narasipura) to get medicines for my uncle on 14th August. Now a days he is giving medicine from 8:30 AM in Thursday and Sunday and some times in Saturday also from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. I’ve met lot of people there and they are happy with the result of medicine. People are getting recovered. But you should me patience.



    1. Hi Shankar,
      Thanks for the information however just curious that we need to visit every month for medicines or they can send us through courier if we visit once and consult with the Vaidhya directly..

  101. Hello this is Shalini from Tamilnadu
    My mom was diagonised by cancer 2nd stage on cervix and rushed to HCG hospital Bangalore where they assured it’s curable and undergone treatment.
    After 3 months of time it became metastatic and the secondaries have spread to lungs,liver,spine,bones and any time it may spread to brain as well. I am literally very scared since drastic changes are visible physically on her 🙁
    Just got to knw abt Sir.Narayana Murthy
    Can anyone pls let me know whether is he still providing medicines or has he stopped..
    Anyone who recently visited the place pls update info , will b much thank full
    Thanks in advance

  102. Hi, I visited him just last week. When I went there, there were nearly 600 people in Q. He is still giving treatment. Mostly patients with cancer go to him, but he also gives treatment to other problems too, like nerve probs, skin prob, infertility, stroke, etc. When I went there, he gave me medicine with a pamphlet on how to use it. On it, there was this phone number, 08183-258033.

  103. Sir, my mother is 40 years old she is suffering from sevier joint pains (arthritis) and she is having thyroid from 15 years and gaining so much of weight, she can’t walk or sit for 5 mins also. Is there any kind of treatment ?
    please help us sir.

  104. sir,
    my father name is girijachary .he is suffering from kidney failure .he is dialysis there treatment available for kidney failure.and we lived in khammam district in telangana state.patient is compulsory to took the medicines.please reply to me.

    1. Hi

      I am from Karimnagar and have same problem. Are you trying anything else other than dialysis.

      Please cheppandi.


  105. Sir, my mother is 40 years old she is suffering from sevier joint pains (arthitis) and she is having thyriod from last 15 years on words and gaining so much of weight. Is there any treatment or medicine to cure this.
    please let me know sir help us.

  106. My Dad was diagnosed with differentiated squamous cell carcinoma in December 2015 and then he has been operated on 24th December in Max Hospital by Dr. Harit Chaturvedi. He has Tumor on his floor of mouth and he has undergone for a commando free flat surgery which was followed by 6 cycle of Chemo and 30 radiationtherapy. Now in August when we did the Pet scan again their are traces of cancer shown in his report which was later confirmed in FNAC report. Now again Doctor suggested with 18 chemotherapy (once a week) however now i am not in a favor to go ahead with the same. While searching i came across you (Vaidya Narayan Murthy) and the reviews are fantastic. I am based in Delhi and I would be soon visiting however just to confirm prior that in this case what would be your suggestion and can we avoid chemo.

    Thanks a lot for such a great thing.

  107. I had been there yesterday. He was giving medicines. Too much crowd and minimum 6 to 8 hrs of waiting expected. There was a rumor floating around the public standing in the queue that yesterday was the last round of medicine distribution this month and again it will resume only in December. I’m not sure how true it is. If you are planning any trip, please confirm and go. I have this phone number 08183258033 but never it was picked when I tried many times on Saturday before I left. I was lucky. You may try or wait for somebody to post here after their trip coming Thursday or Sunday. Sairam.

  108. Hi Sir, this is Venugopal from Bangalore… My father in law is diagnosed with ca pancreas n liver nodules with stage 2 cancer… I need medicine for the same .. Is there any particular month or week that you distribute this medicine… Or else it would be distributed on every Sunday n Thursday of every week in the year.. Kindly guide us…….

  109. Sair
    I am Sir. Planning to start tomorrow from NEYVELI to receive medicine on THURS DAY. Is he still giving medicine on THRUSDAY?

  110. Hi,
    My brother got Kidney failure, his both kidney has shrinked. He is 23 only. Now in his blood Creatinine level is increased to 9.50. Is it possible to cure by Dr N Murthy’s treatment. Am planning to visit day after tomorrow 25-08-2016. Will he give medicine on that day?
    Kindly help me anyone who knows.

  111. HI,

    I went on 21st Aug and he is still giving medicine, they have started a token system from that week onwards.

    Not heard if he is going to stop the medicine, i went to Shimoga and then took a rickshaw.

    Hope this helps for someone, this is the first time we will be taking his medicine for cancer and i am sure it will be effective based on the reviews.

    1. Hai can you please tell at what time they will issue tokens and what is the procedure to issue on the same day or previous day

  112. Hi can any one help
    My friend mother got Brest cancer now it spreaded to
    Brain , she now not recognizing any one.
    Recently one of my friend get medicine from this same area from moorty .
    Really its very serious situation will it cure?

  113. Hi Sir,My dad age is around 62 yrs.He is suffering with oral cancer.Very thin.Unwanted growth in mouth,due to this he cant eat food,only liquids are taking. Can we hope to get it cured for this Ayurveda medicine? Could you please tell us the route and details.we are from Hyderbabad,telangana.

  114. Hello Sir,

    My dad is suffering from bile duct cancer which has already spread to the 70% of the liver. Doctor is suggesting to undergo chemotherapy and he says that the chances of undergoing the liver resection is very less. It is in stage 3 right now(stage 4 being the last). Please let us know if the doctor Vaidyanarayan can provide any medicine for the same when the chemotherapy is already started. Thanks in advance.

  115. Hi

    This is Vijay Palleti from New Zealand. My friend was diagnosed with colon cancer with liver metastases. He underwent surgery for the removable of tumour and had a stoma bag after the surgery. As a further treatment for liver metastases he was having chemotherapy. 2 cycles went on well but after the 3rd cycle he had severe stomach pain and again diagnosed with malignant ascites with metastatic colorectal cancer.

    The doctors have now given up as no medicines are working on him and that their is no treatment for malignant ascites.

    I hope i had explianed the case properly. I would like to know whether you have any treatment for this kind of cancer.

    Please reply ASAP as my friend’s condition is very critical.

    Vijay Palleti

  116. Hi, when I visited him last month, I spoke to many people over there. There was a very big Q. As far as I could understand, because of huge crowd, Sri Narayana Murthy rarely sees any documents or tests, and there is no need to bring patient. Also, people over there said that patient has to take medicine for at least 3 months, only in 4th month, patient starts getting results. People with all diseases are coming there. The more severe the cancer/disease is, the longer the treatment, but all the people to whom I spoke to said they are getting cured. People are mostly coming from Andhra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu. There are direct buses to Shimoga. From Shimoga, there are government and private buses and other vehicles to anandapura (aproximately 45 min distance). From anandapura to narsipura, have to get auto, they change Rs. 40 per head as auto fare. they directly drop in front of the Sri Narayana Murthy’s house. I pray to God that everyone gets cured and live healthy life.

  117. Dear sir my sister is 50 years old from Chennai and she has cancer on her spinal code back bone.the doctors couldn’t find the primary of this cancer and she is in fourth stage now..we have done radiation and no chemotherapy was done…pls tell me can my sister survive from the herbal medicines as she is bedridden now.

  118. My Brother in law aged 44 years at Jaunpur is suffering from mouth cancer and because of which now he is not able to speak and eat from his mouth. he is feeded through pile attached to his nose. He is suffering from huge pain and currently morfin is given to him to be in relief. I have following queries;

    1. can I send his report on any email id which can be reviewed by some one and guide us ?
    2. Any family member can come and take the medicine what document should be carried to while visit ?
    3. based on the description and Report is it possible that some one can send us the medicine and we can pay by any mode ?

  119. Hi..this is Rajendran from Udumalpet (Tamilnadu), i have collecting the medicine from Vaidyar Narayana Moorthy past 5 months. Now somebody told Vaidyar issue the Medicine has stopped 1-3 month. Kindly confirm the above news is correct or not?. I’m planned to visit on 9th Sep’16.

  120. Dear Sir

    I am suman from Hyderabad and suffering from Chrionic Kidney Disease stage II. I am currently undergoing dialysis treatment and doctors have suggested to go for kidney transplant.

    Does Mr.murthy give medicine for kidney failure.

    Please advise.


  121. Sir my father is currently undergoing chemotherapy for relapsed multiple myeloma (blood cancer of plasma cells) – he has already gone through two autologous bone marrow transplants (first in 2009 then second in 2012) and was cancer free for short while but it has returned.

    Currently the cancer is at a low level but its still there so am wondering if any of these treatments (shimoga cancer cure / lakshmi taru leaves) would be able to help for him or not.

    Please let me know if there’s any email address where i can share his latest reports etc.

  122. Hi,

    Sorry for being skeptical but is there any proof that this has worked? I am sure there must be some record of it with them or some testimony but all the news article about his treatment does not give any hard fact on how many have been cured.

    Some information on how many have been cured can help us a lot.


  123. Hi Sir,

    My mom is affected by kidney failure at stage 4. Anybody has taken medicine for this kind of kidney problem from Narayana moorthy sir? Any one got cured. Please share your comments. it will be much helpful for me.

  124. Dear Sir

    I am sunil from Belgaum and suffering from (Left Kidney) Chrionic Kidney Disease. I am currently undergoing treatment and doctors have suggested to go for kidney removal.

    Does Mr.murthy give medicine for kidney failure.

    Please advise.


  125. My mother suffering from sarcoma with lungs metastatis canser.she took chemotherapy.can we use narayana murthy sir medicines along with chemotherapy?please reply

  126. Hi,
    Many thanks for starting this blog and do this humanitarian and noble work.

    My son in law of 9 years old has neuro blastoma who has been treated with chemotheraphies and finally done BMT three months back as a final treatment.The cancer relapsed (re occured) now and the doctors says no more treatment. He is very sick,bedridden with his legs numbed.Can he be treated with the vaidya Narayana murthy and his medicine works for this type of cancer..Can you advice please. Can anyonle who treated for this type of cancer advice me on this.Thanks in advance.Will grateful to you.

  127. Is Doctor still giving medicine? Last time when i went there somebody told for next four month he will not give medicine.. It would be much helpful if anyone can tel who got medicine in the recent time.

  128. Dear sir/madam

    My mother have diagnosed cancer Carcinoma – oral cavity – cheek mucosa – buccal mucosa – left. She is in her 4t stage. Doctors planned to start the treatment in 3 days. I also planned for medicine from Dr. Narayana Murthy sir. Can the chemotherapy and Dr. Narayana Murthy sir medicine can be taken simultaneously?????

  129. Mr Narayana Murthy sir is giving medicines for all types of Cancer, even for 4th stage patients also. I went to Narasipura Village to collect medicine by first week of September 2016. He continues to give medicines on Thursdays and Sundays. My Personal experience 4th time was my last visit to collect for my cousin. His medicines for all types Cancer Works Hundreds are standing in queues before his residence on these days, most of them are 4th time, 6th time 12th time etc. Every one who stands in queue are saying his medicine works patience life extended for years and are leading comfortable life without any pain or any difficulties. People can take other medicines like chemotherapy etc together with Narayana Murthy sir medicine. You visit Narasipura rest you will come to know and experience yourself.

    All the best

  130. Dear sir ,
    Let me thanx youfor your valuable information. My wife is undergoing treatement of triple negative breast cancer.Now chemo cycle is over,Doctor advised me to take radiation.So at this moment is it advisable to consult vaidyaraj at Naraspur.Pls advice.

  131. C’est sir,
    My sister has been diagonised as breast cancer few weeks back 2nd stage, the results shows that she has 3 small tumor and she is not yet operated..our main aim is to get the cancer cured by natural treatment without using chemotherapy etc..

    My questions are ..
    1) The treatment or medicine provided my Mr narayana Murthy is enought to cure the cancer or should my sister has to get her tumor operated first then follow the medicine provided by Mr narayana Murthy

    2) How long the medicine provided by Mr narayana Murthy should be taken..

    Please let me know.
    Advance thanks,

  132. Is Narayana Murty sir, still giving medicine? Last time when i went in AUg somebody told for next four month he will not give medicine.. It would be much helpful if anyone can tel who got medicine in the recent time.

    1. On 2nd October, I went and collected the medicine. Huge crowd was there, spent nearly 12 hours to get the medicine.


  134. Hi

    Could you let me know if he has treatments for hepitatis B ?, will be grateful if someone can give some information on this ?

    Thank you in advance

  135. Hi sir… I’m suffering from complex regional pain syndrome(crps), sudeck dystrophy from past three n half years..will da doc gv medicine for tis?? Kindly reply to me

  136. My brother has been diagonised as cancer in Urothelial Tract few weeks back and it is in 4th stage,
    In Lymph Node Biopsy report it shows Metastatic Carcinoma.

    Treatment started through Injections. Will narayamurthy give treatment for him?

  137. Sir,
    Is Sri Narayana Murthy is giving medicine now? We want to visit him on 20th Oct, 2016 Thursday for getting medicine for throat cancer/infection to my father-in-law.

  138. Hello I’m from Andra Pradesh. My mother is suffering from cancer since three years. I’ll send the all repots by mail. Is it possible to get the medician by courier.??? If possible please share the details.

  139. Hello Sir.
    I am from Hyderabad and my niece is suffering from Neuroblastoma stage 4 cancer and she is 2 Years old. Can any one help me in telling whether Doctor Narayan can give medicine to her as she cannot sustain Chemotherapy.She is very weak thin.
    Can some one tell me the contact details of Dr Narayan so that we can go and personally meet him and show the reports as Doctor has said that my niece will survive only for six months from now.
    Can anyone please provide me update on this. It is very urgent.

  140. Dear ,
    I am from Odisha ,and my father is suffering from Prostate Cancer since 2yrs and stage is IV and already he had taken chemotherapy 06days before but now his health wasn’t well now .please help me to cure from this .
    Can anyone please provide me update .

  141. Dear Shimoga Team ,

    I am Nilakantha ,My father is suffering from Prostate cancer since 02 years and also surgery is finished ,but now one week before he had taken chemotherapy but his health not well now ,Please give me some advice what to do for this .

  142. My Wife is having GIST Cancer in Stomach (Tumors in Omentum and near areas) Her age is 30. She had undergone surgery in April 2015 but they have removed big tumors only. We would like to consult Sri Narayana Murthy. Can we come on Sunday (23rd Oct 2016)


  143. Hi Sir, It was very nice information, I have query like , is there any option to get the cancer medicines online.
    My relatives are already consulted first time, he has given the medicines for 2 months, but she need to use for the next month course, how can we get it ? Please advice me.

    It would be great if you could help me on this.

  144. Is there good medicine for type 2 Diabetes.How to contact Narayana Murty sir.I am in chennai. Can i get the medicine by post. I need his contact Number.

  145. Sir,
    My aunt is suffering from cervical cancer 4th stage. Is there any treatment for this?
    Do I need to bring my aunt to your center or The reports are enough to get a medicine
    Please help me as soon as possible.

    Day by day her health is going down, please do the needful.

  146. Hi Chitranjani,
    Shri. Vaidya Narayana Murthy,
    Village Narasipura,
    Anandapura, Sagar Taluk,
    Shimoga District,
    Karnataka, India

    Medicines given: Thursdays and Sundays only
    From Bangalore : Shimoga – 280 Kms, Anandapura – 340 Kms
    To reach Narsapur: From Anandapura – 6 Kms , From Shimoga – 65 Kms

    This is only the info I have, As i’m also meeting him for the 1st time for my aunt suffering from cervical cancer 4th stage

    We would really pray for your niece a soon recovery.

  147. hi sir my mother suffering from cerivex cancer 1year back she takes treatment like..Chemotherapy / Radiation Therapy…can she take the herbal cancer medicine now? let me know sir..

  148. My sister is suffering with Rheumatoid artrities for the last fifteen years and spent huge amount for the english medicine and kindly inform Dr.Narayana Murthy is giving the medicine for the said decease if so shall I visit narsapur for the medicine in the month of November 2016.with great respect kindly inform.I already posted twice but not got the reply.

  149. Hello Ramesh Sir,

    My aunt has cervex cancer 4th stage now.

    I’m from Andhra Pradesh lives in vskp. So can you please tel me what would be the best hospital you have shown to your mother.

    So that, I’ll take my aunt there.

    Please help me. plz

  150. can anyone pls tell me how to reach narsipura from Mumbai by Train..
    Please suggest me suitable day also to meet Doctor

  151. Hi sir,

    Some days before we got to know that our grandfather is having liver cancer, it is in the 4th stage, and we got to know that he will be living only for 2-3 months. Is there any treatment so that at least he can live still longer life?

  152. Hi I’m chethan
    Plz help us my mother suffering 4th stage of cancer ,2 year before mom have carcinoma cervex surgery Now also having chemotherapy treatment…. and doctors told negative opinions…and I don’t know what to do…I don’t have way plz help us it’s my life also…

  153. Dear Sir,

    I heard that doctor is giving medicine on saturday evening also some times. Please clarify on this and let us know the timings. Accordingly we can plan. Request you to reply on priority. Awaiting for your reply to plan

  154. Hello all,

    This is Ravi from Andhra pradesh. Recently on 13 november I took medicine for my Mother suffering from Liver Cancer from Sri Narayana Murthy sir. He went through all the reports which I carried along with me. My mother is suffering 4th stage of Liver cancer. For my curiosity I asked him whether it will be cured or not. He said it will be cured and gave the medicine for 27 days. Whoever wants to take medicine please visit him personally. It would be really helpful. He was the only hope when I came to knew about him.

    He is distributing medicine on Sundays and Thursdays. Don’t hesitate to visit him.

    Thank you all,


    1. Hello ravi

      Sorry to hear about your mother .How she is doing now after taking the medicine.
      I bought medicine for my father two days before for same .
      If you can also let me know if you are doing any other treatment .


  155. Sir, I am 26 yrs old and suffering from adenocarcinoma.i had took 3 chemos folleed by surgery, 3chemos and 28 days radiation then all the reports are normal after that from 1 month iam using vaidya’s medicine now iam suffering with there any medicine to cure please help me..

  156. I would like to know whether doctor treats for nasal blockage (nasal polyps)…right now breathing is through mouth only…also would like to know if prostate enlargement is being treated.

  157. Hi,
    My Brother-in-law is suffering with liver problem because of taking alcohol , can we get medicine for him at there. if anyone know please leave a reply.

  158. My mom is suffering from psoriasis kind of skin allergic problem. It’s has spread all over the body. Will I get medicine there?

  159. Hi,

    Can you please tell me if he will treat Asthma. My mother is suffering from asthma from the past 30yrs and it has become very severe now.

  160. Sir my mom is suffering from adenocarcinoma (lung cancer ) IV stage doctor telling based on PET SCAN ..but initially she diagnosed as tuberculosis on Aug 2016 but some doctors r telling no cancer but some r telling yes it is ? At last I shown in HCG Hospital there doctor told might be having so we start with chemotherapy n we ll seND EGFR mutation test n we ll see wat to do ….so whether it is good to take narayan murthys herbal treatment along with chemotherapy… Bcoz now already 1 cycle given .

    So plz resolve my query ..
    It ll be very thankful

  161. Hi,

    What is the meaning of “Medicines given: Thursdays and Sundays only”. Does it means only two days we can consult with the doctor OR other then this two days entire week we can consult with doctor but we can collect the medicine only these two days. Please reply.


  162. My father is suffering from Prostate Cancer spread to urinary bladder but not to the bones. Does Shri Murthy treat Prostate cancer.

    How to reach exactly to reach Narasipura. Nearest Airport/Railway station/ Bus stand?



  163. Hello sir,
    Our family member got bown marrow cancer it is in 3 rd stage she as a 75 years old I need one help is this type of problem will be cure or we come there by this week only can you please please give me an contact number please…..

    1. My father is 75 and he has cancer in his gullet.
      Now 3rd stage , today i heard about vidyar
      Any chance to recover with vidyar treatment ?

      And which are the dates of treatment ??
      Please help ….

  164. Please any one please let me know that is Shri. Vaidya Narayana Murthy ji, still giving medicines. I intend to visit for my brother in law who is suffering from advance stage of rectum carcinoma ? Kindly update if anyone have the information in this regard.

    1. I went yesterday only, this place is still operated and you can visit every sunday and thusday,,, but i recommended you go to Thursday since Sunday is too many people coming and it is too long waiting,,,

  165. hello hii sir
    my mother age 47 name konki ramu suffering with liver mats from 3months any treatment at dr narayana sir if we wll come to there emergency patients any specialties 2years back breast cancer oration done nd 8 cycles of chemotherapy also bt now attack to liver any treatment at there

  166. Hi, I took the medicine for lung cancer for my father, in that instructions there is a restriction for consumption of tea, can anybody knows that instead of tea can we have coffee/decoction.

    1. sir please help me ,

      did you take your father along with you ?
      If you did not take your father, how did you explained about the disease to the vaidhyar?
      Did he asked for any reports or test reports?

      please answer me as soon as possible

  167. hi im ganesh my aunty have surgical cancer admitted in hospital in chennai they said she is in stage 3 by seeing biopsy report is any medicines that cures this disease please inform sir

  168. My mom 52 yrs old. She has diagnosed breast cancer and removed in surgery. then she was taking the Narayan Moorthy medicine last 8 month since april2016. Few months back (3 month) she was slipped down. At that time her spine ache is continously. Now we check with MRI Scan cancer cells is spreaded in spine & liver. Now she has complete Radiotherapy 5 sittings & Will give Chemotherapy on Next week. Kindly suggest to take another medicine from Vaidyar?

  169. Hello Sir,
    My uncle is suffering from 2nd stage cancer.
    I am from Nagpur Maharashtra, I wanted to know when we can we come to this place.
    Are we good to come at any weekday or need to come on specific days like Monday.

    Awaiting your early Response.

  170. Hello sir,
    My father is suffering from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.Can we have treatment for this type of disease.Kindly assist us.

  171. I am suffering from diabetic, Gilbert’s syndrome , back pain and BP. Can I get medicine from Vaidya Narayana Murthy

  172. Hi,

    I am from Hyderabad and my uncle is suffering from Pancreatic cancer he is diagnosed as 3rd stage and has other problems like high sugars and Cardiac problem. Did anyone get the medicine for this treatment and please advise so that I am planning to go there soon.

    Awaiting your early Response.


  173. Hello Sir,
    My father is suffering from Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) a type of blood cancer. He is 78 years old. He has gone 1st Chemotheraphy. After bone marrow test we get to know that his blood count (red, white, platelets) has been decreased and bone marrow is not producing enough cells. At this moment we are thinking about Sir Narayana Murthy’s treatment. Can any one suggest here please. Does any one get medications for this treatment from Sir Narayana Murthy’s?? Do we need to visit Sir Narayana Murthy with my father or we only can visit and explain the details. Please suggest.

  174. I am suffering from 1st stage cancer.
    I am from mumbai , I wanted to know how & when we can we come to this place.
    Are we good to come at any weekday or need to come on specific days please revert
    Please send any contact number

  175. Respected Sir,

    Pls confirm if can i get medicines by courier or transport as my city is too long from Narsipura.

    Await for your immediate reply plz.

  176. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My Dad is 57 years old. he was suffering form esophagus Cancer.He had been treated with 3 Cycles of Chemotherapy followed by operation(in August 2016) in TATA memorial, and he got cured and took up his usual work. But now(in Jan 2017), after taking USG we came to know that cancer cells are reactivated and spread in the liver and might have chance to spread into other organs.
    Just wanted to know, Can I get medicine from Vaidya Narayana Murthy?.

    please advise so that I am planning to go there soon.


  177. We just visited him yesterday. Here is what we did:

    1. Booked bangalore express from Chennai to Bangalore. Talguppa express from bangalore to Andapuram.
    2. We reached Narsipura, Sunday 7.30 am(train late)
    3. Reached Narsipura at 8 am, the queue was very long
    4. Got our medicine for bone cancer at 5.30 pm
    5. They will not look at your reports, they just ask the disease
    6. Better know kannada or hindi
    7. Auto guys and other local guys will tell they can help you for a amount to overcome queue.

    1. Hi,
      Did doctor told any diet when using this medicine for cancer.
      can you please let me know. I got the medicine but no sure of the diet.

  178. my grandfather is suffering from lungs cancer… treatment for lungs cancer is available at narayana murthy sir’s treatment care?????

  179. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    My daughter aged 3 yrs, she suffering from ” Steroid Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome”, from 2014. Kidney related disease. I did’t find any medication for this, now a days i get consulted an Pediactric Nephrologist” at Hyderabad, But no betterment.

    Am i get medicine for that particular disease of my daughter at Naripura Narayana Sir. Please let me know.

  180. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Is there any treatment available for Children’s kidney patient at Narayan Murthy Sir. The name of the disease is” NEPHROTIC SYNDROME”.

  181. Hi Sir,
    I went and collected the medicines and it says non-veg should not be consumed. But doctor is planning for chemotherapy and asking my relative to consume 4-5 eggs. Can anyone suggest to take eggs along with this medicine.


  182. Hi Sir,
    My father is suffering from Liver Cancer and he was taking medicine from Narayan Murthy Sir recently.

    Now the doctor has diagnoised that the diseases is spread all over the body and he is suffering from hip pain.

    Can you confirm that this medicine will cure the diseases.

    1. Hello Satish
      I recently got medicine from Dr. Narayan swamy for my father .
      He is also have liver cancer .
      If you can let me know how is your father doing .
      or are you trying any other medication .

      1. Hi Ranjan,

        Thanks for your kind response.

        My father had surgery for Liver Cancer and we removed the turmor from the Liver. Now he taking only Narayana Murthy Sir medicine only from last month onwards.

        Currently doctor diagnose that the disease spread to spinal and other parts in stomach.

        My father condition is very bad before taking the medicine.

        Now we see some improvement in his health.

        My clarification is whether we can continue the same medicine for Liver Cancer or we need to ask Mrs Narayana Murthy Sir to give alternate medicine as per my father health condition.

        K.Sathish Kumar.

  183. Hi,

    My mom is suffering from breast cancer and doctor said she is in 3rd stage. I came to know this only today. Shall I come to collect the medicine for her? Still Narayana Murthy sir providing medicines for cancer patients?

  184. Hello sir, my mother is suffering from polycystic kidney disease(pkd).. Does vaidya narayana sir gives treatment for this disease.. Please reply sir..

  185. Dear sir,

    1. Will diabetes cure for the medicine permanently.

    2. Can I take medicine for two and three people because mom and dad both are suffering from diabetes.

    Please post me ASAP sir it’s urgent

  186. Hi, Can you pls post little bit info on how to reach this place from Shimoga. For eg, are there any public transport? Or are cabs (or other pvt transport) the best option? If we reach Shimoga at night, say after 11pm, is it possible to get cabs to reach Narasipura. It will help if you find and post some information on the logistics.

  187. Hi
    Iam looking for the treatment for my 10 years old daughter,
    25 days back her face, hands and legs started swelling slightly immediate after 4 days we taken her to doctor then got to know ofter all check up she has a kidney disease cretinine level was 13 and sodium level is also high and potassium level also high and her kidneys are not functioning
    Immediately after all this they admitted her and started treatment with dialysis till now she is on every day HD
    Can I get any solution for recovery of my daughter’s kidney problem please suggest

  188. Hello sir,
    Is there any treatment provided for
    1. Reducing the Creatinine levels
    2. Filariasis decease

    Please let me know. thanks in advance.

  189. Hi,

    First of all thanks for valuable information.

    My mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast and thyroid cancer..and gone through surgery. She has to go-thorugh Chemotherapy from next week (14th March). I would like to know is this (herbal) medicine can be used along with Chemotherapy? Thank you in advance and thanks again for such valuable information. It also gives some moral support to the families.


  190. Sathish Kumar, Ranjan
    Went through your conversations.
    I also have similar situation where my uncle is suffering from Lungs cancer and has led to Bone erosions
    Spread to other parts of Body

    His age is around 73
    I wanted to go to Shimoga and get medicines from Narayana Murthy Sir
    When did you collect the medicines? recently?

  191. My father is suffering from brain tumour/cancer please kindly respond.

    Is that ayurvedic will help aftr kemo and radition treatment????

  192. Hello all,
    i was there for getting medicine for my mother for Colon cancer. Here is a brief narrative that could answer some of the repeat questions. I think the admin can post some of the FAQs there to avoid the repetitive questions. One thing that i also request the admin is that we have some format or space for people ot post wehter the patient has improved and whrther hr it is effective. can we have a poll or some means by which we can track now may patients are actually benefitted. That will help people immensely.


    The place is Narsupur and it is next to Anandapura. so it is
    Bangalore –> Shimoga –> Anandapura –> Narsipur

    It takes close to 7 and a half hours to get to Narispur from bangalore and plenty of buses to go to shimoga from where you can get to Narsipur. Or Buses from bangalore to sagar can drop you at Anandapura. From Anandapura Narsipur is about 8.5 KM. Share autos are teher to drop you right outside Vaidyar’s hoouse.


    Chaotic and crowded. it took me 12 hours. People will break queues, fight etc. It is very frustrating. Long queues from the gate of the vaidyar’s house. Onc eyou get ot hte gat you willl be given a token. people will be let into the hous ein batches of 100.


    No reports are looked at. Location of cancer and whether operation has been done are all the questions that is asked. The patient need not be brought (i advice not to bring). for us 3 small bags of bark were given and the medicine will need ot be prepared for 3 X9 = 27 days. Kidney issues and Diabetes are the diseases primarily treated. Pamphlets with instructions on how to ppepare the mdicine are given in various languages.

    I was advised to keep the medicine after preperation in the frdge else it ay get spoilt. They do not put that in the panphlet.

    if there is anyone who has been using it for months together please post the experience here as we do not have enough posts about the effectiveness of the medicine.

    Regards and Best wishes

  193. Kidney cancer stage 4
    Lungs, gladder,stomach,bones spreaded can we cure it by visiting narayna murthy sir. Please mam rply me my uncle is in critical condition

  194. Hello Sir,
    Myself Sonal Awari, I am from Mumbai. My aunty is suffering from a stomach cancer of third stage. So please tell me is there any chances to get cured. And if possible please give me your contact no. so that I can contact you. So please reply me as early as possible……

  195. I had taken the first dose and learnt that the medicine has to be kept open and can be covered with fine cloth. No tight lid. Also with the blood test i confirmed that the WBC count doubled in no time after taking the medicine.

    1. Ignore my above comment. Please store the medicine in fridge and that’s what doctor has suggested as well.

  196. Hi everyone,

    Sir my father was having lymphoma cancer in first stage. As per the doctors advice we have taken 6 cycles of kemotherapy treatment.unfortunately it is effected to lungs. Now lungs are damaged.he is not able to breathe properly as like common man. He is under oxygen, taking 10 liters of oxygen.

    Can u help me out in this condition..

    Can we have infectayurvedic treatment for lungs infection.

    Please let me know the details. And can i get contact number of treatment centre.

    Thanx in advance

  197. Dear Sir ,

    My father is Around 77 years old , He has kidney Disease creatinine level is (3.2) . Is there any chances to cure this .If i can come with his report .Will i be able to get medicine to get cure of this disease .

    Please let me know , so that i can come immediately to collect the medicine

  198. Hi all

    Can anyone tell me whether these medicines has to be taken conitnuosly or after a month or it is for few months



    1. Some of the people are continuing the medicine even after complete cure fearing recurrence. You can check with the doctor.

  199. Dear Sir,
    One of my close relative has suffered from kidney failure.There is any medicine available for recover.Hope to receive your support as soon as possible.

  200. Dear sir
    My Brother is 28years old he is suffering from Renal Parenchymal Disease,Serum Creatinine level is (3.7).Docters told us that kidneys damaged he is taking medicines.If i can come with his report .Will he be able to get medicine to get cure of this disease .

  201. Dear Sir,

    My daughter 17 years old has been diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma in her pelvic region, and we were taking treatment which is a combination of chemo / radiation, at the end of the protocol, it has relapsed, now continuing with second line treatment of chemo / radiation with different medicines. With this, she is having chronic pain on her lower back and legs with metastasis condition. Can this be treated with Vaidya shri Narayana Sir, kindly respond to this.


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