Aloe vera (Aloe Arborescens) and Cancer Treatment

Aloe Vera / Aloe Arborescens

Aloe Vera / Aloe Arborescens is a plant widely used in cancer treatments. Aloe when taken in right amounts boosts the immune systems and helps fight/control not just cancer but other diseases related to weak immunity. Aloe Arborescens grows in hot tropical climates.  Aloe is widely found in Asia, Africa, Australia, USA and tropical islands.  Aloe is a stemless plant with thick fleshy leaves. The fleshy leaves have a gel inside that is widely used in traditional herbal medicine to treat variety of health conditions. Aloe is grown as a first aid plant in many civilizations to treat conditions like burns, ailments of gastro-intestinal tracts, excessive heat, diabetes, infertility, psoriasis and various skin diseases.  Aloe Vera is called Kathalai / Natkumari in Ayurveda and Siddha traditions.  Aloe has the ability to induce detox and get toxins out the body quickly. This in turn helps improve the natural immunity of the organism. Aloe is also a natural laxative.

Aloe Arborescens / Aloe Vera
Aloe Arborescens / Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins A,B,C,D,E, beta-carotene and certain amino acids.  It is also said to have anti-ageing properties.

Use of Aloe Arborescens / Aloe Vera in treating Cancer

Aloe Vera enhances the body’s ability to attack the cancer cells.  It is also used to reduce the radiotherapy related skin burns when applied topically over the affected area.  An extract called Aloe Emodin is found to block cancer cells in test tubes. Acemannan found in Aloe vera induces production of cancer killing cytokines.  Acemannan also increase the production of nitric oxide that helps stabilize oxygen supply to the tissues. Aloe is known to shrink tumors and control cancer metastases.  Cancer takes hold in the body when the immune system is not able to take on the cancer cells and when abnormal cells divide uncontrollably. Nutrients found in Aloe helps in restoring the natural immunity which in turn takes on the cancer. For example, polypeptides found in Aloe act as immune system stimulators.  Polysaccharides found in Aloe helps to increase white blood corpuscles (WBC) that find foreign antigens inside the body. Research has shown that Aloe Vera use can increase both “killer cells” as “helper T-cells” that play a major role in fighting cancer and other immunity disorders.  Hence Aloe Vera can suppress tumor growth and increase tumor cell necrosis levels. It also has lot of antioxidants that help control inflammation and oxidative stress.  Aloe Arborescens consumption is known to alkalize the body taken and hence can make the survival of cancer cells difficult ( Cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment). Aloe also helps relieve joint / muscle pains.

Aloe Arborescens Gel - Used in cancer treatment
Aloe Arborescens Gel – Used in cancer treatment

Father Romano Zago

Father Romano Zago is a catholic priest from Brazil who developed the Aloe + Honey protocol to treat cancer inexpensively.  Father Zago has also written a book “Cancer Can Be Cured” that details methods to treat/manage cancer using Aloe and various other herbs. Father Zago recommends Aloe Arborescens that contain glycoproteins Aloctin-A, Aloctin-B that is seen to inhibit fibrosarcoma in tests. Aloe Arborescens is rich in medicinal value than Aloe Vera.   Father Zago has been advocating Aloe + Honey medicine for over three decades. Aloe + Honey is seen as a good cancer control medicine for the masses, especially in populations of low income. Father Zago’s work in popularizing Aloe + Honey treatment and taking it to masses is commendable!

Aloe Arborescens / Aloe Vera + Honey Recipe

Ingredients Required :

1) Half a Kilo of Aloe Arborescens or Aloe Vera leaf  => Aloe Arborescens is more effective than Aloe Vera (as per Father Zago).  But if Aloe Arborescens is not available, it should be Ok to use Aloe Vera. The leaves should be green and fleshy. Do not pick withered (yellow color/dry) leaves. Ideally the leaves should be taken from an Aloe plant that is atleast five years old. If older plants are not available then one may use leaves from younger plant.

2) Half a Kilo a raw honey  => The honey should be raw and unheated. Synthetic or refined honey should never be used.

3) Five to eight tablespoons of pure alcohol (Whisky, Brandy, Rum) i.e around 50 ml alcohol.


Aloe Arborescens
Aloe Arborescens

Raw Honey

Raw Honey

Alcohol (Brandy / Whisky / Rum)

Alcohol (Brandy / Whisky / Rum)


  1. Remove the thorns and spine from the Aloe leaves.
  2. Thoroughly wash and clean the leaves with water
  3. Cut the Aloe leaves into small pieces
  4. Blend the cut Aloe leaves + Honey + 50 ml alcohol in a blender.  Blend the mixture until the mixture until the leaves are finely ground.
  5. Pour the mixture into an airtight container (preferably one made of glass) and refrigerate

Take two tablespoons (approximately 15 grams each time) of this mixture before meal three times daily. Do not store this mixture for more than 10 days.  If the mixture is older than 10 days do not use it. Prepare a fresh mixture and use it for the next 10 days.

Frequently asked questions

1) Why should one take this mixture before meal and not after meal?

Usually, the body is relatively low in sugar before the meals. The honey in the mixture is the carrier and Aloe is the actual medicine.  The digestive enzyme pepsin is ready to work before taking meals. The body absorbs the medicine better when the body is hungry for food.

2) How long can one keep taking Aloe + Honey mixture?

As long as cancer exists in the body.

3) What is the purpose of alcohol in the mixture?

Alcohol is used as a preservative

4) What should one expect while starting on this medicine?

Detox symptoms

5) What else could be done?

There are many alternative cancer treatments that could be used in tandem. We have information on few of these:

  1. Annona Murricata / Graviola
  2. Lakshmitaru (Simarouba Glauca) decoction

Please consult a good siddha, Ayurveda practitioner before taking any alternative medicine.

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